What are the age requirements for renting a vehicle?

  • 21+, there is a underage drivers fee for anyone 25 and under

What documents do I need to rent a vehicle?

  • valid drivers license
  • major credit or debit card
  • vehicle insurance or purchase our damage collision waiver

What is the fuel & mileage policies?

  • you can prepay fuel so you don't have to worry about fueling upon return
  • vehicle is to be brought back with same fuel as picked up
  • mileage is 100 miles per day on most vehicles and only .20 cents for any additional miles over

What should I do in case of a accident or breakdown?

  • if roadside assistance wasn't purchased call 1-888-220-5666 
  • in case of a accident safety comes first, call an ambulance if needed and a police repost is mandatory for insurance purposes 
  • roadside assistance is available to purchase which covers any breakdowns & towing matters

How do I extend a rental?

  • call 1-888-220-5666 the day before your vehicle is due up to 3 hour before and the extension process can be completed via phone with credit card

What is your cancellation & refund policy?

  • please refer to the Rental Agreement for a clear understanding